Syria and its allies respond to strikes

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In the hours after multiple missiles rained down on Syria, its leadership was determined to show it was business as usual. State TV released images of Bashar al Assad walking into work, in the presidency building in central Damascus. And its military was defiant. "Three treacherous acts of aggressions were carried out at 3:55am by the US, France and Britain. //Our air defences responded efficiently and downed most of the rockets. While some hit scientific research buildings, the damage was only material. Other missiles were diverted before they could hit a military location in HomsAnd as they brushed off the damage as material only, it fell to Damascus's most important ally, Russia, to warn of wider ramifications. Sergey Rudskoy, Chief of Russian General Staff Main Operations Directorate:"This American aggression shows us that they aren''t interested in an objective investigation of the alleged chemical atatck, but only in disrupting the peace process and destabilising the Middle East Back in Damascus, civilians - and ardent regime supporters - celebrated what they said was a clear victory by their government. "I came to congratulate the Syrian air defence forces, who managed to bring down your missiles, Trump. You can''t shake us, the Syrian people.""These strikes have given us more determination and persistence. It hasn''t affected us, we''ve seen worse than this. Whatever the mood here in the capital, it remains to be seen precisely to what extend these strikes have been able to degrade the capacity of the regime to carry out chemical attacks - on rebel areas.

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