Picasso's iconic 'Guernica': Phantom scene-stealer in new show

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Considered one of the greatest anti-war pieces of art, "Guernica" has become a 20th century icon. The Picasso Museum in Paris is now celebrating the 80-year-old painting with a show that delves into its conception and history.
Also, the last Romany circus in Paris enchants audiences with a spontaneous spectacle of acrobatics and Andalusian culture; we watch from the wings as the Cirque Romanès prepares for its latest show.
Meanwhile, the "Circulations" festival shines a light on emerging talents in the world of contemporary photography and we meet Oona Doherty, a young choreographer and performer who's re-writing the vocabulary of contemporary dance.

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(Source: FRANCE 24 English, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dq2EBMB6z8U)