Is India unsafe for journalists?

Two journalists killed in hit-and-run attacks. Another, seeking information from police, is instead beaten and thrown in jail. Several others assaulted while covering a protest, despite telling authorities they were journalists. And all of those incidents in just the month of March. These attacks underscore the dangers many journalist in India face when trying to do their jobs.

India’s track record on press freedom is far from stellar. According to media watchdog Reporters Without Borders, India ranks 136 out of 180 countries.

But there could be a sliver of hope. This week, the Indian government reversed course on proposed legislation that opposition politicians and journalists said was an attempt to stifle press freedom. The measure sought to punish journalists who published so-called “fake news” by revoking the journalists’ accreditation. The credentials are required to visit government offices or attend news conferences.

So what’s behind the growing hostility towards members of the media and what can be done to protect them? We will pose that to our panel of India journalists on this episode of The Stream.

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(Source: Al Jazeera English,