Trouble in paradise: Political crisis deepens in Maldives

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The Maldives may be best known for its white beaches, but recently the nation's been engulfed by political turmoil. The president declared a state of emergency last month, raising the spectre of authoritarian rule. We bring you an undercover report on the crackdown on dissent.
Also, India continues to grapple with face-offs between humans and elephants. Rampant urbanisation in the south of the country has increased the number of incidents, and the encounters sometimes turn violent.
Over in Indonesia, the Citarum has been dubbed the world's dirtiest river. Every day, an estimated 2,000 textile factories dump 280 tons of chemical waste into it, but tens of millions of people depend on the water for their survival.
To finish, we head to China, where more and more people are admitting failure in the kitchen. That's led to a surge in food delivery, thanks to smartphone apps.

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