S. Korea's Blue House "had been informed of Kim's China visit" Xi's special envoy

청와대 "중국, 김정은 방중 사전 통보... 내일 양제츠 중 정치국위원 북중정상회담 설명차 방한
South Korea's top office has, for the first time, made an official announcement on the North Korea leader's surprise visit to China.
Our chief Blue House correspondent Moon Connyoung joins us live. Connyoung, President Moon and yourself landed not too long ago from the Middle East... and the president must be quite busy already.

South Korea's presidential Blue House just moments ago officially announced its position regarding the latest visit to China by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as well as the first bilateral summit between Kim and Chinese President Xi Jinping.
Here's senior public relations secretary to the president, Yoon Young-chan, this Wednesday morning.

"Member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of China's Communist Party, Yang Jiechi, will visit South Korea tomorrow morning as President Xi Jinping's special envoy. During his stay, he will meet with President Moon's National Security Adviser, Chung Eui-yong and pay a visit to President Moon Jae-in."

The Chinese president's special envoy is expected to brief South Korea's National Security Adviser and President Moon on the outcome of the North Korea, China summit and discuss various issues involving Seoul and Beijing. One agenda will definitely be denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

Now the question is... was South Korea kept in the loop about all this... this invitation from China to the North Korean leader... Kim Jong-un's first foreign trip ever... and that being China?

Senior Blue House officals whom I've been speaking to have confirmed that it was during the South Korean president's UAE visit that Mr. Moon was briefed on the flurry of activities between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The North Korean leader's trip - we're learning now took place from Sunday, the 25th of March to today, the 28th...
Rumors first surfaced about a potential visit by a high-level North Korean representative Monday night in Beijing, when pictures of what appeared to be the Kim family train surfaced online.

The White House said that the Chinese government briefed them on the meeting Tuesday.
South Korea's Blue House... although they do confirm that they had been briefed by the Chinese government of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's China visit... they refuse to clarify exactly when they learned of this unprecedented trip.
But, officials here at the Blue House say there had been high-level discussions between Seoul and Beijing... and that China had separately informed South Korea's top office earlier this morning that they would be announcing the results of the Pyongyang-Beijing summit on this Wednesday.

Another interesting fact here is that the Chinese special envoy's South Korea visit was pushed back by a day or two - the Blue House press pool found this out before we left with the president on his seven day two nation tour last Thursday.
Yang Jiechi was initially scheduled to visit South Korea yesterday but the Beijing government pushed it back by two days without providing any legitimate excuse.

Was the Blue House caught by surprise? Possibly... but senior officials with sufficient knowledge in the situation say there had been speculation within the Blue House that North Korea as well as China must have felt the need for a bilateral one-on-one for quite some time now, but the latest pace of global diplomacy around North Korea's nuclear weapons program must have sped things up.

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