[LIVE/NEWSCENTER] Wrap-up of S. Korean envoys' visit to N. Korea - 2018.03.06

▪ S. Korea should build strong military power to counter N. Korean threat: Pres. Moon

▪ S. Korea's chief special envoy to N. Korea holds news briefing

▪ USITC votes to continue anti-dumping and subsidy investigations into imports from 6 countries including Korea.

▪ S. Korean trade minister returns to U.S. to seek steel tariff exemption

▪ General Motors Korea labor union protests shutdown of Gunsan plant

▪ Korea's consumer prices climbed 1.4% y/y in Feb.

▪ Korean companies in Indonesia contributing to society

▪ An Hee-jung case makes #MeToo an election variable

▪ S. Korean Paralympic athletes welcomed with official ceremony, marking their arrival at athletes' village

▪ Cloudy nationwide, rain tomorrow on southern coast

*Updated: 2018-03-06 - 20:30:00(KST)

(Source: ARIRANG NEWS, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0xWWxkiFBw)
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