[LIVE/NEWSCENTER] North Korea and China confirm Kim Jong-un's visit to Beijing - 2018.03.28

▪ S. Korea's Blue House 'was informed' of activities involving N. Korean, Chinese leaders

▪ Kim's visit to China aims for diplomatic leverage for upcoming summits: experts

▪ Kim seeks to solidify ties with Beijing before upcoming talks with Washington: U.S. press

▪ N. Korea notifies S. Korea of its delegation to take part at Thursday's high-level talks

▪ Backdrop to the scheduled inter-Korean and U.S.-N. Korea summits

▪ President Moon returns home from Vietnam and UAE

▪ South Korea's economy grows 3.1% in 2017, per capita GNI hits US$ 29,745.

▪ Interview with President of Initiative and Referendum Institute Europe

▪ NATO expels 7 Russian diplomats after nerve agent poisoning in UK

▪ '2030 Sports Vision' presents agenda of sports for people

▪ Chances of yellow dust tonight

*Updated: 2018-03-28 - 20:30:00(KST)

(Source: ARIRANG NEWS, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3l6eWfyiNpw)