[LIVE/ARIRANG NEWS] Special envoys continue trip to China, Japan, and Russia...

▪ Special envoys continue trip to China, Japan, and Russia to brief resuts of their Pyongyang visit

▪ No option ruled out in deciding location of U.S.-North Korea summit: White House

▪ South Korea's finance chief asks U.S. counterpart to give Seoul exemption from steel tariffs

▪ Draft bill on constitutional reform to be finalized on March 12

▪ Elementary school in Seoul becomes capital's first to shut due to lack of students.

▪ China's Communist Party removes presidential term limits

▪ Japan marks 7th anniversary of earthquake and tsunami

▪ Russia 'successfully' launches new hypersonic Kinzhal missile

▪ Health precautions advised after nerve agent found in pub visited by Russian ex-spy

▪ 2018 Paralympics: Sin Eui-hyun wins Korea's first medal in sitting cross-country

▪ South Korea defeats Czech Republic in men's para ice hockey

▪ South Korean wheelchair curling team defeats Slovakia for third straight victory

▪ Art by Fingertip - Korean Traditional Embroidery

▪ Unseasonably mild temps under sunny skies but dusty

*Updated: 2018-03-12 - 10:30:00(KST)

(Source: ARIRANG NEWS, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqOazEq6A1I)
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