‘I’ve never met a Syrian who doesn’t want to go home’

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The unwinding of Syria went brutally fast and yet seven years on, it's still playing out in slow motion. Brutally fast because it only took a few months for the protest movement to morph into a full-blown civil war. And in slow motion when seen through the lens of our guest, our own former Beirut correspondent Rania Abouzeid.
Rania Abouzeid decided to write a book about the Syrian uprising the day she found out that the United Nations had stopped counting Syria’s dead, saying she had “to put people back into the heart of the story”. Her book, “No Turning Back”, chronicles snapshots over her seven years of covering the conflict in Syria, the metamorphosis of the people she visits and revisits.

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(Source: FRANCE 24 English, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeeg4wssVCw)