Humanitarian disaster in Syria's Eastern Ghouta

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In Syria's Eastern Ghouta, a dire humanitarian crisis is unfolding. Regime forces, propped up by Russia, have been bombing the rebel-held enclave on a daily basis. Hundreds of civilians have been killed and the death toll continues to rise. The UN says nearly 400,000 people are trapped and the ongoing fighting has made it impossible to bring in aid or rescue the wounded. Catherine Viette explains.
Staying in Syria, some 400,000 lives have been lost and many more wounded since the start of the seven-year conflict. Doctors in the northern province of Idlib are now turning to sport to help boost the morale of those with permanent scars. One hospital has even set up a football team for war amputees, with some promising results. James Franey has more.
Finally, we discover Iran’s godfather of surrealist art. Ali Akbar Sadeghi's work is currently on display at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. Despite his long career spanning over 60 years, the artist remains little known outside of the Islamic Republic. Our correspondent Reza Sayah went to meet him.

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