Chile: Activists protest against TPP-11 deal in Santiago

Around 300 hundred people protested against the renewed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal in Santiago on Wednesday, just a day before representatives of 11 different nations sign it.

SOT, Beatriz Bataszew, representative of collective Surviving Women (Spanish): "Because we are women who were victims of torture and political and sexual violence during the dictatorship, that is, our human rights were violated and we think that the TPP will be like a transnational of violations of rights humans of the peoples, the countries, of the peasants and of our whole country and Latin America. That is why we are here, so that human rights are not violated institutionally; human rights of people, communities and organisations."

SOT, Patricia Dedos Verdes, protester (Spanish): "This is like a gateway for Monsanto in all its magnitude, for hydroelectric, to extract everything they want to extract. There will also be problems with medications as there will be no generic medications [public medicines of lesser value], therefore poor people will be much poorer and sicker. Finally, it is a treaty that only manages to impoverish the people and enrich those we already know who are always rich."

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