Zimbabwe: Thousands pay tribute to late opposition leader Tsvangirai

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Thousands of supporters gathered to mourn the death of the late leader of the Movement For Democratic Change (MDC) party, Morgan Tsvangirai, at Freedom Square in Harare on Monday.

Tsvangirai was known as one of the fiercest opponents to Robert Mugabe. He died on Wednesday 14, in a Johannesburg hospital age 65, after a long battle with cancer. The former leader will be buried in his home village of Buhera, 250 km south of Harare, on Tuesday.

Former President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe's 30 years of rule were cut short by a military coup on November 2017. Zimbabwe is currently ruled by Emmerson Mnangagwa and are set to have new elections in July. Mnangagwa said that the elections in Zimbabwe should be free, fair and credible as a tribute to Tsvangirai.

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