USA: Students 'call bullshit' on gun laws in lie-in outside White House

Hundreds of students gathered outside the White House on Monday to protest against gun violence and demand gun law reform.

In the protest organised by a group called Teens for Gun Reform, 17 students lay on the ground as a symbol of the 17 people killed in last week's Parkland high school shooting. The lie-in also symbolised how long it allegedly took the gunman to buy an AR-15 rifle, according to a press release.

Students protested over easy access to guns in the US, as well as against the government's lack of action on gun control. Protesters read out the names of the Parkland shooting victims and chanted slogans including "Hey, hey, NRA, how many kids have you killed today?" and "Congress is complicit."

"Congress needs to do a better job with gun bans and reforms because people shouldn't have access to automatic rifles in school, why would you bring that to school," one student said.

One anti-gun activist had a brief scuffle with a man who brought pro-gun signs to the protest.

A student march is due to be held in Washington DC and other cities on March 24 to demand gun control and safer schools.

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