Trump using North Korean defectors to target Kim Jong-un: WSJ

"탈북자, 트럼프의 새 무기"
U.S. President Donald Trump has started using North Korean defectors in his North Korea policy.
The Wall Street Journal reported that a case in point was the story of Ji Seong-ho who had suffered greatly at the hands of the regime.
He was singled out as a guest during President Trump's State of the Union address and the paper said Trump chose the human rights activist to raise alarm about North Korea.
In a video report, the Wall Street Journal noted that Ji, when he was pointed out, stood up and held up his crutches... receiving the longest standing ovation during the president's speech.
The report noted that many North Koreans are defecting to South Korea and explained these people are some of the few informants who are aware of the grim realities in North Korea.