Top nuke envoys of U.S., Japan agree to strictly implement UNSC resolutions on North Korea

미 일 수석대표 도쿄서 회동, 러 북 외교 당국자 모스크바 회담
And while guests from around the world are on their way to the host nation of the Winter Olympics,... other countries in the region are pushing for more than just sports diplomacy.
Meeting in Tokyo on Tuesday,... the top nuclear envoys of the U.S. and Japan agreed to keep maximum pressure on North Korea-- until the regime ultimately abandons its nuclear program.
Japan's foreign ministry said that, while the two welcomed the surprise breakthrough between the two Koreas for a successful PyeongChang Olympic Games,... they will continue to punish the regime through the implementation of UN Security Council resolutions.
On the same day in Moscow,... the top diplomats of Russia and North Korea talked about bilateral cooperation, marking the 70th anniversary of their diplomatic ties.
Though no further details have been released,... it's largely speculated the two could have discussed the recent inter-Korean talks as well as strengthening their ties amid escalating international condemnation against the regime.