Serbia: Belgrade citizens rally to oppose Kosovo independence anniversary

Around 300 people took to the streets of Belgrade on Saturday, to oppose the 10th anniversary of the independence of Kosovo.

The protesters sang patriotic songs about Kosovo and held Serbian flags as well as giant flags of Kosovo with "No surrender" written on. They chanted "Kosovo is the heart of Serbia" and chanted against Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic including "Vucic, you faggot."

The northern Serbian region of Kosovo and Metohija declared unilateral independence from Serbia on February 17 2008.


SOT, Colonel Milorad Djosic, War veteran from Kosovo (Serbian): "We cannot give away what is ours. We cannot divide what is ours and those lands there are definitely ours. And why would we share our lands with newcomers if that's all ours."

SOT, Damjan Knezevic, Protest organiser (Serbian): "Do we want to be Serbs or not! True Serbs fight for their country. There is no Serbia without Kosovo."


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