Samsung's brand value up 2 notches at 4th in the world

삼성 브랜드가치, 작년보다 2계단 오른 세계 4위
Korean tech giant Samsung has ranked fourth in the world in terms of brand value.
This is based on the Top 500 Most Valuable Brands ... a list compiled by Brand Finance, a global brand rater.
It noted that Samsung's brand value was estimated at 92-point-three billion dollars ranking it fourth,.... up two notches from last year.
The report highlighted the surge in sales driven by Samsung Galaxy products and added that Samsung's 'Do What You Can't' philosophy resonated with consumers.
Number one on the list was Amazon with a brand value of almost 151 billion dollars,... followed by Apple and Google.
Not to be confused with market capitalization or enterprise value, brand value is defined as a marketing-related intangible asset.
This is the value of the image of the brand itself, as represented in the minds of stakeholders.

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