Samsung to push second chip-production line in Pyeongtaek

삼성 평택 반도체 2라인 추진... 이재용 '스피드 경영' 시동거나
In time with the release of its vice chairman from jail,... Samsung Electronics is looking to put its foot down on the gas... investment-wise.
The Korean tech giant is pushing to build a second chip-production line in Pyeongtaek,... as it anticipates rising demand for semiconductors,... after a year of positive earnings thanks -- in large part -- to its record-breaking chip business.
Though no specific size or timing of investment has been decided yet,... the matter could be brought up at a meeting scheduled for today.
Samsung started mass production at its new semiconductor fabrication line in Pyeongtaek last July,... and was initially focused on producing the company's fourth-generation V-NAND chips.

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