Russia: Officials at Domodedovo update public on deadly plane crash

Russian Transport Minister Maksim Sokolov, Head of the Federal Air Navigation Service Alexander Neradko, and the head of the Federal Service for Supervision of Transport Viktor Basargin informed the public of the latest developments on the plane crash in the region, while speaking to journalists at Moscow's Domodedovo on Sunday.

SOT, Maksim Sokolov, Russian Transport Minister (Russian): "As for the tasks that are in front of the state committee, the primary task is to engage with the relatives of the victims. An additional group of specialists including psychologists and doctors will be deployed to Orenburg Region tomorrow for that cause. Apart from that, representatives of the insurance company have been invited to join the governmental committee to decide on the compensation that is due to be paid. As you know, the governor of Moscow Region [Andrey] Vorobyev decided to issue additional compensations amounting one million rubles; the decision was also confirmed by the governor of Orenburg Region Yuriy Berg. I want to remind you that according to federal law, all relatives of the victims will receive more than two million rubles at the expense of the insurance companies. Additional tasks of the state commission will be to organise the cooperation of the executive authorities. I want to remind you that investigative questions and the establishing the cause of the crash are in the hands of the investigative authorities as well as the Interstate Aviation Committee. Now it is too early to draw conclusions on the cause of the crash. Specialists have started working on that now. Right now the plane parts are being collected, the black boxes are being searched for. And only after reading out and evaluating the information from the black boxes we can speak about the causes of the catastrophe. As I mentioned before, our main task now is to provide assistance to the relatives of the victims and I want to, once again, offer my sincere condolences to those who lost their relatives and loved ones."

SOT, Alexander Neradko, Head of the Federal Air Navigation Service of Russia (Russian): "Recently the airline did not have any problems to ensure the safety of our flights after the correctional measures we conducted after media reports emerged accusing the former head of giving a lift to his relative in the crew cabin. Correctional measures were conducted back then, the general director was relieved of his position. There is a new management now and there have been no serious problems regarding flight safety. Rosaviation will conduct an additional snap inspection to look into the activities of the airline. The state council will present the results."

SOT, Viktor Basargin, head of the Federal Service for Supervision of Transport (Russian): "Unfortunately all people on board died. The Ministry of Health offers its condolences to all relatives of the victims. Currently doctors and psychologists from Orenburg are working with the relatives of the victims in Orsk. Tomorrow an EMERCOM plane will take off carrying additional specialists that will provide psychological assistance to the relatives. And currently we are preparing the procedures for the identification procedures of the passengers. A tent was set up where the bodies will be located. The procedures will take place in the city and the samples needed for the procedures will be taken directly in Orsk from the relatives or, accordingly, in Moscow, if the relatives happen to live in Moscow."

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