Russia: Friend of plane crash victim tells of heartache in Orsk *EXCLUSIVE*

Larisa Belova, friend of a victim on board flight 6W703, recounted a terrifying moment when she had found out about the tragedy, during an interview in Orsk, Sunday.

SOT, Larisa Belova, a friend of an airplane AN-148 victim, (Russian): "I got a call on my cell phone. You know, when I was off work, I heard the administrator calling and putting her hand to the phone quietly saying - 'you know [the plane] Orsk - Moscow.' [When I heard this], I thought probably [the plane] had landed or was late. I heard the word 'crashed,' but I thought that it could not crash, it was probably late or delayed. Now all the students are leaving, some parents bring their children to the airport - such kind of holiday movements. I went home and called my daughter and asked "how are you?" She landed today, flew to Krasnodar. I told her that today I heard that [the flight] Moscow-Orsk had been delayed or had not landed. I was afraid to say the word 'crashed.' She told me that she did not know anything. Then I came home and saw that my parents were crying. They said that the Moscow-Orsk flight crashed. I told them that this could not happen. I quickly started calling Lyudmila, my friend. I began to call her, but of course her number was unavailable. I began to call Yulia, her daughter. Her phone was unavailable. I [then realized] that something was wrong. Something must have happened. And then we started to learn everything specifically from the news."

SOT, Larisa Belova, friend of victim on board flight 6W703 (Russia): "We were friends with her family, [our] children are very close, [they were] classmates, they [studied] in the gymnasium from the 6th grade. They are very close friends. We went to holidays together. Lyudmila was a very cheerful and positive person. She was a religious person. She had her own dental clinic. She was a doctor by profession. She was very responsive. You rarely meet such people in your life. She was a person who could come and help at any moment. Her whole family is like that. I express my condolences to Yulia. Hold on, Yulichka."

SOT, Larisa Belova, friend of victim on board flight 6W703 (Russian): "She was cheerful, positive and kind. Her house was always full of people, guests and friends. Everyone was drawn to her. Everyone went to her with some problems. She never refused; she was ready to help at any moment. You could call her cell phone at 2 am. She was a doctor by profession and was always very sympathetic. She always helped me on the phone with advice. When we went on holiday, her phone kept calling [from people for advice]. She could be called night and day. She was a very sympathetic person. She was very kind."

SOT, Larisa Belova, friend of victim on board flight 6W703 (Russian): "I don't think I know that it is very difficult. The girls, Yulia's friends, went to see her. She is in Moscow now, the daughter Yulia. She is probably now alone. The girls are going to support her, because they are very close friends. They don't leave each other in difficult situations. It means I don't worry for Yulia. I think, they will support her. She will not be alone tomorrow. I sent her a phone message saying 'Yulia, we are with you. Be strong. We will help in any possible way. You can call us any moment'. As for her second daughter, Taraneh, and her husband Vassily - I think that...Hold on. We are with you."

SOT, Larisa Belova, friend of victim on board flight 6W703 (Russian): "I express my condolences to the whole family. You know, if Yulichka were somewhere close now, I would embrace her, cuddle her and I wouldn't leave her. She is a very sensitive girl, very tender. She will not just miss her mother very much, I even don't know how to describe this with words. She adored her mum."

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