Rescued brother Bears on their way to rehab

Two new-born bears were found lying in a box next to a garbage can in Moscow on Friday. They were immediately delivered to the centre for keeping wild animals and afterwards taken for rehabilitation to the International Fund for Animal Welfare Centre (IFAW) for orphan bears in the Tver region.

"First of all, we fed them. When they arrived, [they looked] the same as now, they were sleeping in the car on their way. But they woke up and the box started to shake. We give them 'Maljutka' [baby] oatmeal with boiled milk same like babies," the centre's manager, Yarvidas Yablonskis said, "They are two weeks old, their eyes are still closed, they just crawl around and can't walk, they even eat with their eyes closed," he added.

Sergei Pazhetnov, Regional IFAW Director for Orphan Bears Rehabilitation Centre said that "Bears will be delivered to the rehabilitation [centre]" and added "I hope that they will be set free in the wild between August and September."

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