#Reporters: The missing people of China

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Being a political opponent in Xi Jinping's China is no easy task. Lawyers, human rights activists or book sellers offering books deemed subversive are just some of the hundreds of people who have gone missing for several weeks or months. Some of them reappear, either free and traumatized by their experiences in captivity, or facing heavy sentences.

The latest example is a Swedish editor of Chinese origin. He was kidnapped in October 2015, sent to a secret prison, then forced to confess on television before being released two years later. A few days ago he was kidnapped again, and his family says they have no information on his wherabouts.

The missing people of China, is an investigation by Antoine Védeilhé for France 24.

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(Source: FRANCE 24 English, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZVugDseTvk)