Pres. Moon expected to meet with N. Korean delegation during their stay

문 대통령, 북 고위급 대표단 방남 기간 중 접견 예상

We now connect live to our Blue House correspondent Hwang Hojun.
Hojun, so with the North Korean delegation landing in South Korea and President Moon Jae-in attending the opening ceremony today, can we expect any contact between the two parties?

Connyoung, so we can definitely expect the limelight to be on the pre-opening ceremony reception that President Moon will host this afternoon for foreign leaders, in which Kim Yong-nam, who's leading the North Korean delegation, will attend,... along with other high-profile leaders including Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Chinese special envoy Han Zheng, AND EVEN U.S. Vice President Mike Pence.
So, if you think about it,... this will be the first time in a very long time,... the member nations of the six-party nuclear talks,... minus Russia,... will be in the same room.

While this isn't going to follow the format of a one-on-one meeting, all attention will be on the possibility of President Moon Jae-in and Pyongyang's ceremonial head of state greeting each other, shaking hands, and even carrying out a short dialogue in front of other world leaders,... as such a move would send a symbolic yet clear message of the start of a possible inter-Korean reconciliation.
And of course, the air between Kim Yong-nam and U.S. Vice President Pence is also likely to draw attention, because if they do get a chance to converse during the reception, that may become the start of U.S.-North Korea dialogue.
The high-level North Korean delegation is scheduled to attend the opening ceremony this evening, and the Blue House confirmed on Thursday that President Moon plans to hold a meeting and have lunch with the North Korean delegation on Saturday.
As we mentioned before, it's significant that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's younger sister is in that 22-member delegation.
She is the first direct member of Pyongyang's Kim dynasty, also called the "Baekdu bloodline", to visit the South.
And IF she attends the luncheon tomorrow, and IF she does bring a letter from her brother to President Moon,... it could be considered as an indirect conversation between the leaders of South and North Korea.
While a detailed schedule and itinerary for the North Korean delegation is yet to be confirmed for security reasons, the visit itself is definitely a landmark event, especially for the liberal South Korean leader, as it was President Moon's election pledge to seek dialogue and reconciliation between the two Koreas.
Back to you, Connyoung.

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