North Korea's top diplomat writes to UN chief in bid to counter U.S. actions in region

북 외무상, 유엔총장에 "미국핵전쟁 도발 중지 노력해달라" 촉구
North Korea is trying to pull some strings on the international stage to take the heat off itself.
North Korea's Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho has sent a letter to the UN, urging the world body to stop the U.S. taking actions that would disturb the thaw between the two Koreas.
The regime's state-run Korean Central News Agency said the letter was sent on Wednesday to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.
Minister Ri wrote that the international community looks forward to seeing a continued easing of tension on the Korean peninsula, but the U.S. is seeking to intentionally aggravate the situation with its strategic assets like the nuclear powered aircraft carrier strike groups near the region.
He added that the UN should not stay silent as the U.S. plays a dangerous game and drives the world closer to nuclear war.

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