Israel gives ultimatum to African asylum seekers

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Israel has begun issuing deportation notices to African asylum seekers, demanding they leave the country with 3,500 dollars, or else face forceful deportation or even imprisonment. Last December, the Knesset passed a bill authorising the government to proceed with the move. The first wave of notices were handed to men without families. FRANCE 24's Thomas Waterhouse tells us more.
Plus, anger grows over a video purportedly showing Turkish-backed rebels abusing the corpse of a female Kurdish fighter in northern Syria. Our reporters Roméo Langlois, Mayssa Awad and Mohamed Hassan spoke to women fighters from the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces on the ground.
And for centuries, archeologists have pondered over the secrets of ancient Egypt. They recently discovered an ancient tomb near Cairo, believed to belong to a high-ranking priestess. Egyptian officials hope the finds can tempt tourists back to the country.

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