France: Black 'Amazonian' warriors rally against French imperialism in Africa

Pressure group 'Black Amazonians of France' took to the streets of Paris on Saturday, to criticise France's relationship with its former colonies in Central and West Africa, which activists compare to imperialism.

The self-styled 'Black Amazonians' were dressed in tribal, warrior-like outfits, evoking the spirit of the Dahomey Amazons, an all-female military regiment in the Republic of Benin from the 19th century.

Demonstrators waved the flags of several Francophone countries, and chanted against what they perceive as French neocolonial interventionism in the economic, social and political life of Africa.

One protester, Stella Loutaya, strongly criticised the approach of successive governments in Paris. "We do not want 'Franceafrique' anymore! We no longer want the CFA franc, we no longer want military bases in Africa! Let them go out!," she said.


SOT, Susanne Bara, protester (French) : "We no longer want the Elysee to impose the CFA Franc, the African people want their monetary sovereignty, that's why we're marching!"

SOT, Stella Loutaya, demonstrator (French): "They must stop! Genocide, we're fed up! There are rapes, you realise! They rape children, girls, there are murders, everyone sees it, everyone looks and does nothing. We are fed up! May the French leave, we want more! We do not want 'Franceafrique' anymore! We no longer want the CFA franc, we no longer want military bases in Africa! Let them go out! That's all we ask! We want peace with us! We want democracy at home! We want independence, but the real one!"

SOT, Laurence Ndong, campaigner from 'Let's turn the page' (French): "Emmanuel Macron, who was born on independence, like us, who does not have his foot firmly on French-African issues, we thought that once he came to power he would put himself on the side of the people and that he would understand these youth because we have the same age as him, that he understands our thirst for freedom, our thirst for democracy. We live in the era of globalisation, with social networks, we are open to the world. How can Ali Bongo come to France and make a statement in which he says 'Emmanuel Macron is my friend', when the French president said shortly before that the election of Ali Bongo deserves a circumstantial judgment because the election was tainted with fraud. Where are we going? Why him who does not have the issues France Africa behind him cannot stand out from these dictatorships, what's his problem? Ok we understood! Finally, all the French presidents are on the side of the dictators, it's really a shame!"

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