Brazil: Flaming barricades block Sao Paulo roads over pension reforms

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Protests against new reforms swept through Brazil on Monday.

In Sao Paulo, protesters that were decrying pension and labour reforms built flaming barricades across main roads.

One of the key sticking points for many protesters is Brazilian President Michel Temer's pension reform. The bill looks to set the minimum retirement age to 65 years-old for men and 62 for women. Current law sees Brazilian men retire once they have worked for 35 years, while women retire after 30 years. This results in many Brazilians retiring at around 55 years of age.

Nationwide protests led to transport systems being shut down, and some schools were left without classes. Rio de Janeiro saw military intervention, which according to the Brazil constitution, means that any vote on pension reform or any other measure requiring a constitutional amendment has now been blocked.

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