Serbia: Church of St Sava holds vigil for assassinated politician Oliver Ivanovic

Crowds gathered to light candles in honour of the Serbian Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader and prominent Kosovo Serb politician Oliver Ivanovic in front of Church of Saint Sava in Belgrade, who was assassinated earlier on Tuesday in the city of Mitrovica.

Citizens and politicians gathered under the slogan "there is still more of us" and lit candles inside and outside the Church of St Sava.

Ivanovic, 64, was shot at least five times by unknown people in a drive-by shooting, and died later in hospital. The shooters escaped and have not yet been caught. Their burned-out car was found later by police.

The incident halted EU-mediated talks between Kosovar and Serb delegates that had been set to resume that day in Brussels.

Serbia has called Ivanovic's murder "an attack on the entire nation."

SOT, Andjelka Miljanic, Belgrade resident (Serbian): "We are all shocked and feel trapped. It's just incredible that in the middle of Serbia because we see Kosovo as Serbia. When something like that happens, we are all shocked I suppose, me in particular."

SOT, Ljubisa Paunovic, Belgrade resident (Serbian): "It is a great blow to our country and to our people here and to the people living in the southern part of our country [Kosovo and Metohija]. I sincerely hope that the real masterminds [behind this murder] will be found and that we will soon find out the complete truth about the background of this murder."

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