Russia: Perm school attacker was treated in psychiatric hospital 3 times, says neighbour

A neighbour of Lev Bidzhakov, one of the Perm school attackers, said on Monday that the minor perpetrator "was treated in a psychiatric hospital three times" adding that his parents did not conceal this fact.

The neighbour dismissed that Lev Bidzhakov's treatment in a psychiatric hospital could have been tied with drug addiction stressing that he had never seen him "being drunk and being high on drugs."

"And another one [meaning Alexander Buslidze who is allegedly the second school attacker] is healthy", added the neighbour of Lev Bidzhakov's family.

The knife attack which left 13 people injured occurred on Monday morning when two teenagers broke into the lesson of 10-11-year-old students and began stabbing them with knives at School 127 in the Russian city of Perm.

The teacher and one of the students are said to be in critical condition following the assault.

The Russian investigation committee has already triggered the case as an assassination attempt. Perm's court is expected to issue the pre-trial restriction for two teenage attackers on Tuesday.

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