Peru: Buildings ruined as 7.3-magnitude earthquake rocks Arequipa

Significant damage was caused in Arequipa, Sunday, after a 7.3-magnitude earthquake occurred off the southern coast of Peru. Local authorities reported one person was killed and more than 60 were injured as a result.

The earthquake caused severe damage to houses, hospitals, roads and schools. Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski will visit Acari and Chala. Rescue workers were deployed to the area to assess the damage.

Officials reported one man was killed after a rock fell on him in Arequipa's Yauca.

The earthquake struck about 25 kilometres (15.5 miles) southwest of Puerto de Lomas at a depth of 12.1 kilometres (7.5 miles), 04:18 local time (09:18 UTC).

The earthquake has led to a tsunami threat for coastal areas near the epicentre.

SOT, Resident of Arequipa (Spanish): "A 6.5 earthquake occurred. We need help, please, to rebuild our homes, because we live from agriculture and we want the government to help us."

SOT, Resident of Arequipa (Spanish): "We need tents for the children because we will not be able to live here anymore, tents, blankets, although we have some of our things, we need them for our children."

SOT, Resident of Arequipa (Spanish): "Yes, we ran out of the house as the earthquake caught us sleeping, but thank God, we left safely, we are all healthy, okay, but there is material damage."

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