North Korea's inspection team to kick off second day of inspection in Seoul

현송월 단장으로 하는 사전점검팀 월요일 서울 무대 점검 후 북한으로 귀환
Let's start with day two of the North Korean inspection team's stay here in the South.
Led by a North Korean pop star, the seven-member delegation is due in Seoul today to study possible performance venues,... after spending the night in Gangneung, close to the host city of the Winter Games.
It's the first such exchange between the Koreas in years,... following months of tension over the regime's nuclear and missile programs.
Ji Myung-kil has more.
A slight smile on her face, but no words from Hyon Song-wol.
She's the North Korean singer leading a team who are inspecting possible performance venues in Seoul and in Gangeung, one of the host cities of the Olympics.
Hyon is head of the Samjiyon Orchestra, which will be coming to South Korea to perform,... and she's the leader of the all-female Moranbong Band,... said to be a favorite of the North's leader, Kim Jong-un.

On the second day of their trip Monday,... Hyon and her team will visit three or four facilities in Seoul,... including a Sky Dome stadium east of the capital with a seating capacity of over 20-thousand.
Hyon and the inspectors will then head back to North Korea later in the day.
On Sunday, Hyon visited two venues,... one a local gynamsium... and the Gangneung Arts Center which has a capacity of around 15-hundred people.

During working-level talks last week, the North said it would send a 140-member art troupe during next month's PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games to give one performance each in Seoul and Gangneung to celebrate the big event.

On Tuesday... South Korea will send an inspection team to the North to prepare for joint sports training and joint cultural events to be held prior to the Olympics at the North's Masikryong Ski Resort and Mount Kumgang.
Seoul plans to send a twelve-member team to the North using the eastern land route for three days of inspections.

And on Thursday,... North Korea will send an eight-member delegation to South Korea to look around the Olympic facilities... such as stadiums, lodgings and the press center for three days.
The North's team will again enter South Korea using the Gyeongui Line Train on the western side of the Peninsula.
Ji Myung-kil, Arirang News.