Lingerie in France: Everything you need to know

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In France what's under your clothes counts....Sales of lingerie are going strong.... In 2016 the French spent 2 billion 800 million euros on undergarments...the same as in 2015. On average French women spent 129 euros on their scanties in 2016, of this 100 euros went on lingerie. 15-24 year olds spend more than any other age group. Teenagers and young women are shelling out 192 euros a year on pants and bras. They buy cheaper pieces, but they replace them on a regular basis - to keep up with the latest fashion trends. This habit seems to be lost with age.. In France the older a woman gets the less she spends....
163 euros a year for 24-30 year olds…
148 euros for 35-44 year olds …
it goes down to 104 euros a year for the 45+.
French women buy roughly the same amount of lingerie in supermarkets as they do on the Internet... 20% of the market.
And what about men? They account for 7 percent of the lingerie market... 87% of married men have bought it for their partners... and 13% for their mistresses !

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