Is this our future? Cape Town faces prospect of no more water

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IN THE WORLD PAPERS - Tuesday, January 30: US First Lady Melania Trump is attending Donald Trump's inaugural State of the Union speech, her first appearance since his porn star sex scandal. Also, the water crisis worsens in South Africa as Cape Town faces the prospect of having to turn off city taps. Chile signs an agreement preserving an unprecedented amount of forest land. Finally, a young Australian explorer gets sweet revenge on her naysayers!
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Melania Trump makes her first appearance since Donald Trump's porn star sex scandal. The US first lady plays a key role in Trump's presidency, as the New York Times explains. Is it time, though, to scrap the State of the Union address? That's what one former White House official argues in Fox News.
Meanwhile, Twitter has fun after the White House invitations featured a MAJOR type, as the Huffington Post reports.
Cape Town is facing a serious water crisis. Could this be the future of our wars over resources?
Also, an Australian teenager who's successfully skiied the North and South Poles and the Greenland ice sheet gets sweet revenge on her trolls.

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