Irony? Lebanon bans Steven Spielberg's film about censorship

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IN THE WORLD PAPERS - Tuesday, January 16: Emmanuel Macron is in Calais to discuss his controversial policy on French asylum. Pope Francis heads to Chile and Peru amid paedophilia scandals crippling the Catholic Church. Also, Steven Spielberg's latest film is censored in Lebanon because of the director's links to Israel. The Irish press pay tribute to the frontwoman of The Cranberries who died in London and finally, find out what micro-cheating is and how you may be inadvertently doing it!
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Pope Francis: Is the Chilean Catholic Church sex scandal just the tip of the iceberg? That's what the Daily Beast is looking at in this article about the creepy sex cult scandal.
Censorship in Lebanon: Lebanon censors Steven Spielberg's latest film, "The Post", over his ties to Israel and it's not the first film to be banned in one of the most liberal countries in the Middle East.
Also, find out what micro-cheating is and how you may be inadvertently guilty of it!

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