Helping migrants: What are the legal implications?

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Helping migrants: What are the legal implications? "Assisting the illegal entry, circulation or presence of foreigners in France is punishable by five years in prison and a 30 000 Euro fine"

Human rights groups call it being guilty of solidarity
The text applies to those who help undocumented migrants, but not asylum seekers ... as long as they've officially requested asylum, their presence in France is legal.

In 2012, under Franรงois Hollande, the law was slightly softened...

Assisting an undocumented migrant is now legal under certains conditions. It has to be done to preserve the person's dignity or physical well-being.

And it also has to be done "selflessly" ... without direct or indirect compensation. In other words, accommodation or food must be offered free of charge.

While it is perfectly legal to assist a person in distress, facilitating the entry or circulation of illegal immigrants is still punishable by law.

For example, if migrants are crossing a dangerous road, it is legal to offer them help or transportation, but taking them to a train station to facilitate their journey is forbidden.

... a subtle difference that's left to the judge's discression.

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