George Weah sworn in as Liberia's president

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In tonight's edition: George Weah is sworn in as Liberia's president; at least six protesters are reportedly killed over the weekend in DR Congo, with witnesses accusing police of using live rounds; and Uganda finally replaces its radiotherapy machine.
A packed stadium and cheering crowds at Liberia's first democratic transfer of power in 70 years. Former football star George Weah is sworn in and vows to make the tackling of social inequality and unemployment his priorities.
Also, there's international condemnation of DR Congo’s disproportionate use of force in cracking down on anti-government protesters. At least half a dozen people were reportedly killed over the weekend. Witnesses accuse police of using live rounds.
And there’s more hope for recovery for East African cancer patients after Uganda finally replaces its radiotherapy machine. It had been two years since the last one broke down.

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