Pres. Moon to pay four-day state visit to China next week

문 대통령, 시진핑 초청으로 다음주 3박 4일간 중국 국빈 방문

President Moon Jae-in will be taking flight once more come next Wednesday.
The liberal leader will be in China for 4 days, to hold talks on key issues between the two nations while meeting with his Chinese counterpart.
Hwang Hojun starts us off with Moon's second state visit to a foreign country since coming into office in May.
President Moon has met with his Chinese counterpart a couple of times before, but this will be the first time for the two leaders to meet on President Xi Jinping's home turf.
The Blue House confirmed Wednesday afternoon that the South Korean President will make a four-day state visit to China starting next Wednesday at President Xi's invitation.

""President Moon's state visit to China, the first since his inauguration, is expected to provide an opportunity to quickly put bilateral ties and cooperation between the two countries back on track by strengthening trust and friendship between the two leaders."

The announcement comes about a month after an agreement was reached to normalize relations between the two countries regarding the tensions that arose after Seoul's deployment of the THAAD system.

According to the Blue House, President Moon is set to hold a bilateral summit with President Xi and will attend a state dinner.
It is expected that Presidents Moon and Xi will discuss and evaluate the 25-year-long bilateral relationship and share their thoughts on regional and international issues.
At the forefront will be ways to peacefully resolve the North Korea nuclear issue and secure peace on the Peninsula, especially after Pyongyang resumed its missile provocations after a 75-day-hiatus.
The South Korean leader will also meet with other key officials in China, including Premier Li Keqiang.
After his itinerary in Beijing, President Moon will visit the southwestern city of Chongqing.
The Blue House explained that Chongqing is the foothold of the so-called "One Belt and One Road Initiative" and the "Great Western Development Strategy" proposed by President Xi... focused on economic cooperation and development.
The city is also home to historical sites related to Korea's independence movement as well as a couple of facilities belonging to Korean conglomerates.

President Moon's state visit to China will mark the 25th anniversary of Seoul and Beijing establishing diplomatic ties. While there are still unresolved issues between the two countries, the Blue House is hopeful that this will be an opportunity for Seoul and Beijing to build a foundation for the 25 years to come.
Hwang Hojun, Arirang News.

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