Impact of N. Korea's designation of a state sponsor of terrorism

北 테러지원국 재지정…주변국 관계 영향은?

What about North Korea.
The communist state did warn it would not take kindly to such a move.
As to whether Pyongyang resumes its provocative behavior... some analysts say the ball is still in their court...
Kim Mok-yeon shares with us an expert take on the matter.
President Trump's decision to include North Korea on the list of state sponsors of terrorism on Tuesday, is expected to deal a big blow to the reclusive regime's relations with the international community.
The regime has yet to make an official response to the designation, but despite North Korea's two-month hiatus on provocations... many pundits say there is a chance that Pyongyang will react negatively towards Washington.
An expert in diplomatic relations says President Trump's decision is a clear sign that the U.S. has isn't willing, at this moment, to negotiate with North Korea over its demand to be recognized as a nuclear state.

"In that sense the U.S. has closed the door over the possibility of negotiations, and it's going to impact North Korea's behavior from now on in a negative manner. Definitely, this designation is a clear indication that the U.S. is not going to talk to North Korea as equals."

Regarding the decision's impact on future inter-Korean relations, he said that everything depends on North Korea's behavior.

"If North Korea refrains from carrying out provocations... then it increases the chance of a successful inter-Korean dialogue..., but if North Korea's response to today's U.S. government action is going to be aggressive like a missile launch, its going to make South Korea's approach towards North Korea already existing on dialogue very difficult."

In the case of China, the expert said North Korea's ties are already strained but not to the extent of the regime's relations with the U.S.
However, he added that with the latest news, and with the prediction that the Chinese envoy to Pyongyang, Song Tao, was not able to meet the North Korean leader during his recent trip, ties between the countries could worsen.

"I don't think the relationship between North Korea and China will ever reach such a negative state, but it's possible that the relationship between the two countries will deteriorate further with an increasing breakdown of communication between the two countries."

Even before Tuesday's decision, North Korea has been responding sensitively toward being re-named on the list of state sponsors of terrorism, calling it a hostile attitude, and adding that Washington should get ready for the consequences.

Kim Mok-yeon, Arirang news.

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